Flickr CC photos: Danny Perez, 2010; Bill Millhouser, 2001; USDA, 2014.

Flickr CC photos: Danny Perez, 2010; Bill Millhouser, 2001; USDA, 2014.

300 "shares"
will fully pollinate
Eden Vigil for 2017.
What does this mean?  Read below!

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Loving Christ and His Created in 2017

By God's generous grace, Eden Vigil has grown into a US$300,000 ministry, including the employment packages of two families: Lowell & Robynn Bliss (based out of Manhattan, KS) and John & Lisa Miller (based out of Columbia, SC).  Three hundred "shares" (of $1000 donations each) will fund the Bliss and Miller ministries in and through Eden Vigil for the entirety of 2017 and represents investment in the continued promotion of God's glory through environmental missions.  

What you are investing in for 2017 (highlights):

  • mobilize and disciple environmental church planters (on campuses and on the field).
  • use Agabus Teams to help mission agencies open new environmental missions projects (specifically in 2017: Sub-Sahara Africa, Southeast Asia, North Africa).
  • build Eden Vigil Associates, the network of Christian professionals and academics in environmental missions.
  • introduce environmental missions to Latin American mission agencies (primarily through Agabus Teams in Sub-Sahara Africa).
  • launch a two year incubation project, Eden Vigil Ag, that will provide new agricultural models for missions and new missions models for agriculture.
  • lead more and more mission agencies, churches, and institutions into the new category of environmental missions.
  • help coordinate the mission community's response to the world ecological crisis.

What we call "shares" are $1000 donations made for 2017.  We are trusting the Lord for 300 of them.  These can be monthly pledges or one-time gifts such as:
     1 share = US$1000 (CN$1350) = US$84 a month (CN$112)
     half share = $500 = $42 a month
     quarter share = $250 = $21 a month

Of course, any size gift is appreciated and represents an investment in environmental missions.  All donations are tax-deductible, processed by Christar (our parent organization), and governed by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability.  Thank you.

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