1,112 miles from Manhattan,  KS to St. Catharines, Ontario; Robynn's parents and the Christar office are in St. Catharines; looking for houses in Welland, Port Colborne, and Fort Erie--on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls; Departure date: before August 1.  Costs: packing, rental of a U-Haul, stops along the way, exporting cars and goods into Canada, Lowell's visa and medical work, veterinary documentation of pets; raising $3000.


Lowell and Robynn are STILL with Christar, and Lowell is STILL the director of Eden Vigil.  He is additionally taking on the role of Interim Executive Director of We Stand With Paris, which before it is officially launched in 2019, you can think of as ostensibly Lowell's main Eden Vigil project for the remainder of 2018.   Lowell is a founding board member of WSWP along with four others, employed variously Houghton College, Arizona State University, and NASA Goddard Space Institute.  Fund-raising for June and July of $7000 will pay for the collaborative work that Lowell is doing with the Catapult work (see below.)  For a sneak peak at WSWP's placeholder of a website, click here.



Lowell is working with his former Eden Vigil colleague, John Miller, now at Catapult Group.  Catapult helps new non-profits launch successfully and are working with WSWP on a June/July to-do list of Communication Audit, Executive Summary, Pitch Deck, Budget for 2018, PACT mobile app video, and Fund-raising Coaching.  The goal is to create the tool kit by which, beginning September 1, WSWP may fundraise among major donors for a $1.5 million project eventually made sustainable through the licensing of the app known as the PACT, the Personal Action Climate Tool.  

Canadians, please remember to designate "Eden Vigil"